PGDCA- System Analysis And Design

Unit I

Q1. What is mean by system ? Describe the necessary elements required for creation of any system.

Q2. Describe those characteristic which are required for any system.
Q3. Explain the concept of system and describe their basic elements.
Q4. Explain different types of system in details
Explain main made information system in detail
Explain computer based information system
Q5. Why computerized system is necessary? what are its effects?
Q6. What is mean by system development life cycle?
Q7. Explain different step of system development life cycle in details.
Q8. Write sort notes on the following topic with a little later to system development life cycle-
a- preliminary investigation
b- design of system
c- project Termination
Q9. write shorts note on the following-
a. Candidate system
b. Prototyping
Q.10 What is mean by System Analyst.
Q.11 describe the main characteristics system Analyst.
Q 12 describe the multipurpose lose of system Analyst.
Q.13 describe the duties of System Analyst.

Unit II

Q.1 What is mean by System planning? Analyst the reason for selection of system project
Q.2 Discribe the sources of projects Request
Q.3 what are the different format of community which are use for project review and selection management
Q.4 what do you understand by strategic MIS planning
Q.5 what is mean by preliminary investigation and how it is done ? explain in detail.
Q.6 What is mean by information Gathering? Which type of information is needed and what are the main source of information
Q.7 what is mean by information Gathering Tools? explain interview tool in detail
Q.8 write detail notes on
i Questionnaires
ii Inspection of current System
Q.9 How many types of problem ? Discribe the different sources of problem.
Q.10 What mean by structured Analysis ? Along with structured Analysis, Analyse system Development life cycle also.
Q.11 What are the attributes of structure Analysis.
Q.12 What are the tools of structure Analysis ? explain any one
What is DFD
Q 13 what do you know about data dictionary? Write detail notes on their different items.
Q.14 what is the difference between decision tree and structured English.
Q.15 What is Decision Table? Explain with example
Q.16 describe the benefits and limitation of tools of structured Analysis
Q.17 What do you understand by System performance definition described a different state in detail
Q 18 What is the feasibility Study ? Describe feasibility considerations.
Q 19 describe the steps of feasibility reports ? Explain.
Q 20 How many types of feasibility report? Explain.
Q.21 What is data analysis? What is mean by cost benefit analysis. Discribe different types of costs- benifit analysis.
Q.22 are the different method for cost -benefit analysis. Explain in detail.
Q.23 How analysis result are describe ?

Unit III

Q.1 What is process? In how many step system design complete.
Q.2 Describe the objective and constraint and design.
Q.3 What is mean by methodology? By discribe it’s benefits explain structured design .
Q.4 write detail notes on form driven methodology describe HIPO and IPO Charts.
Q.5 Describe about major development activities.
Q.6 What do you understand by input design? Explain purpose and step of input design ,kinds of input.
Q.7 are the element of input data? explain input method and devices.
Q.8 Write short notes on following
I) types of data entry
II) data input without error
III) input design guidelines
Q.9 Write detail notes on approaches for entering data in computer.
Q.10 What is output design? Describe types of output and output design consideration.
Q.11 What is output from design? Described from layout consideration.
Q.12 Write short notes on following
i) Types of output form design
ii) Print of output on paper
iii) Form control

Unit IV

Q.1Discribe file structure.
Q.2 Classify files on the basis of stored data on it.
Q.3 What is mean by file organisation? Explain their main methods.
Q.4 What do you understand by database design? Describe the objective of database.
Q.5 Describe the main word related with Database.
Q.6 What is data structure? Explain different type of data structure.
Q.7 What do you understand by database administrator? Describe their different works.
Q.8 What is mean by system testing? Why it is done?
Q.9 What should be done for system testing?
Q.10 What do you understand by test plan ? and what are the activities which are included in system testing.
Q.11 What is System Testing ?explain the step of System Testing.
Q.12 What is quality Assurance? Discribe different levels quality assurance.
Q.13 What do you understand by training? Describe their elements and types?
Q 14 What is documentation why it is needed? Describe methods of documentation.
Q.15 Write shorts notes on
I) importance and need of training.
II) training material.
III) Characteristics of a good training programme.

Unit V

Q.1 What is mean by system implementation.
Q 2 What do you understand by conversion? Describe activity network for conversion.
Q 3 Explain File Conversion in detail.
Q.4 Explain the policies which are used for minimization of oppose from employees.
Q.5 what is Change Over ?describe the methods used for change Over.
Q.6 What is review and why it is done? What field are included in review plan.
Q.7 what do you understand by software maintenance? Explain in detail.
Q 8 what do you understand by Computer Industry and which group make it?
Q.9 what are Hardware and Software industry? Explain.
Q.10 Describe produce for Hardware and Software selection.
Q.11 How software are selected? Describe criteria for software selection.
Q.12 Explain the evolution process in detail.
Q.13 what is the importance of financial Consideration in Selection and what are the methods for it.
Q 14 What is mean by computer contract ? in this which subjects are necessary for discussion.
Q.15 What do you understand by system security and why it is needed.
Q.16 Describe the threats to system security.
Q.17 Explain in detail the Scope of the Computer securities and types.
Q.18 Describe the security measure of system securities.
Q.19What is mean by Disaster Recovery Planning?
Q.20 What are the main guidelines for computer security?
Q.21 What do you understand by System Development at ethics? Write short notes on ethics quotes and standard of Behaviour.
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