PGDCA- Data Communication And Computer Network

Unit I

1)What is computer network? Explain it explain need, advantages and use of computer network.

2) Explain the following.
1) Application of network
2) Network criteria.
3) Network hardware and software.
3) Explain the types of network.
Explain Topology.
4) Explain network types.Client, Server & peers.
5) What is Server ? Explain types of Server.
6)What do you mean by OSI(Open System Interconnection) Reference model ? Explain principle of OSI model.
7) Explain the working of layers functions.
explain layered architecture of the OSI Reference model.
8) Difference between LAN and WAN.
9) Comparison between Bus and Ring topology.

Unit II

1) Write short notes on the following:
a) Analog signal
b) Digital signal
2) Distinguish between Analog and Digital signalling.
3) Write short notes on the following :
a) Asynchronous Transmission.
b) Synchronous Transmission.
4) Explain parallel and serial transmission.
5) What is Communication ? Explain the types of communication.
6) Explain Baseband and broadband transmission.
7) What is Topology ? Explain various types of topologies in computer network.
8) Explain the LAN, MAN, WAN, statellite Network and wireless LAN.
9) Explain different types of cable transmission media.
10) difference between Analog and digital data communication.
11) Distinguish between Asynchronous and Synchronous.

Unit III

1) Write short notes on the following:
1) Circuit switching
2) Message switching
3) packet switching
4) Switching methods
2) What is Network Adapters? Explain an NIC.
3) What is multiple access protocol ?
4) What is ATM ?
5) Difference between FTP and TFTP.
6) Explain difference between OSI and TCP/IP model.

Unit IV

1) Explain the following:
1) DNS (Domain Name System)
2) FTP ( File Transfer protocol)
3) SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer protocol)
4) HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer protocol)
2) What is ALOHA ? Explain its types.
3) Explain CSMA/CD protocol operations.
4) Difference between peer-to-peer Network and client server network.

Unit V

1) Write short notes on the following:
[9/8, 13:50] ANJANA BCA: Unit-5
1) white short notes on the following:
a) Analog signal
b) Digital signal
2) what are the types of encryption?
3) what is Cryptography? explain in detail.
4) what is classification of cryptography?
5) what is symmetric algorithm?
6) what is public key encryption?
7) Give short note on farewell.
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