PGDCA- Programming Using C & C++

What is C?

What is data type? Explain different data type available in c.

Write different types of data types used in c.

What are data types in “C” language? Explain.

Write a program in c for finding the list of even & odd number upto 100 by using while & do-while control structure.

How many bites are occupied by character, integer and long integer constants in memory? Find maximum possible value of integer that can be stored in memory.

WAP in c to find factorial of a given number using recursion.

What is operator? Explain the difference types of operator in c.

What is the size of double data type?

Compare x=5 and x==5.

Define polymorphism.

What is array? Explain there types and write c program to enter and display one dimensional array having size 10.

Write a program to print a table of given number.

WAP in c to find the given number is even or odd.

What are the different types of qualifiers in C language? Explain.

What are the different types of operators in c language? Explain.

Explain logical operator in c.


What are the utilities of relational operators? Explain with example using relational operator in an “if” statement?


What is advantage of conditional operators?


What do you understand by. precedence of operators & their associativity?Explain with example.




What do you understand by operator precedence ? Explain the associativity of Unary operators.


Explain the terms “Operator” and “Expression” with the help of example




How operators and expressions play their role in’C’ language? Explain types of expressions with suitable examples.


What is the difference between operators and expressions? Explain with example.


What is an identifier and what are the rules for naming them?




What are identifiers and keywords? Give examples to explain.


What do you understand by variables and constants? Explain with example.



What is variable? Explain the constant, qualifier, operators and expressions.


What are different escape sequence characters.


Explain the use of “scanf” and “printf” in ‘C’language with format specifiers.

Write short notes on format specifiers.


Explain the storage class specifiers, auto, static, external and register in ‘C’ language.




Explain our storage class of ‘C language with proper exanmples.


List out header-files which can be included in a ‘C program. Why are they included ?


What are pre-processors ? List out pre-processor directives of c language.


List the control statement in C.



Explain nested if else, switch-case structure with suitable example.


What do you understand by control structure? Explain various control sta

in’C language.


Short note on compound statement.


Explain the following statements with example:

(a) Control statements

(b) Conditional statements

(c) Compound statements


Explain decision control type of statements in ‘C’ language with examples.


Explain the loop control structure.


Explain the syntax of switch case statements. Write a menu driven ‘C” program using switch case to take 2 integers as input and print the sum, difference or

product depending up on the choice provided by thé user.


What are the utilities of “switch” statements? Writea programn that demonstrates the use of “switch” statement.


Explain the significance of the “break” statement in the “switch-case” construct. What would result in its absence?

Difference between switch and multiple if statements with suitable example.

Explain break and continue statement with suitable example.


What is the difference between break and continue statement ? Explain with syntax.

Write format of do while control statement in C. What is the different between while and do-while structure.


Differentiate between “while” and “do-while” statement and write a program in”C” language to check for a palindrome using “do-while” statement ?


Write the difference bet ween do-while loop and while loop.


What is the difference between for loop and do-while loop ? Explain with



What is function ? Explain user defined and library functions


What do you mean by function ? Explain with example the functions accepting more than one parameter.


What is function ? Write the difference between actual parameter and tormal





Write a program in ‘C’ to print factorial through function.


What are the advantages of using “function” in ‘C language and explain in brief the concept associated with “function” ?


Differentiate between function declaration and function definition with example.


Write five built-in functions for string mainpulation.


What is the difference between call-by value and call-by reference ? Explain

it with example.




Short note on call-by-Reference.


Write a program to find the factorial ofa given number using recursive function.


Write a ‘C’ function for swapping of two values A and B.


Explain library function.




What do you mean by library function ? Explain any five library function.


What is the Recursion ? Explain.




What is recursion ? How it is different from function ?




What is a Recursion ? Explain it by a program to find the sum or 20



Explain Arrays and its types.



what is the difference between Single-Dimension and Multi-Dimension Array? Explain.



what is a single-dimensional array and multi-dimensional Array? Write one

program using multi-dimensional array.




What are multi-dimensional arrays ? Explain with an example.


Write various advantages of array in “C” language and write a program that demonstrates multiplication of two matrices.


Write a program for matrix multiplication?


What is the use of array ? Write a ‘C program to search the key value in a set of n values print the position of key-value if, it is successful search.


A palindrome is a word that is spelled the same forward ánd backward, such as RADAR. Write a ‘C’ program to read a word and determine whether the word is palindrome or not ?


Write a program for matrix addition in’C language.


Explain strings in ‘C’ with suitable example.


What is pointer? Write a program in C for pointer.




What is pointer and use of pointer ?




What is pointer ? How can it be initiated ?


What is the use of array of pointers ? Explain pointer with suitable example.


Write short note on pointer and string.


What do you mean by void pointers ? Explain it


Explain pointer to pointer in’C language, with an example.


Write a program to calculate Sum of all numbers in a given matrix using pointers.


Write short notes on Arithmetic operations on pointers.


What are the advantage of pointers over array ? Write a ‘C’ program to count the number of vowels in string using pointer.


Explain the difference between an array and a pointer with the help of example.





What is an object ?




What is class ?



What do you mean by object & class?


Explain class and object with example.


What is the difference between constructor & destructor ?



What is Destructor ?


Write a program in C++ to explain the concept of constructor & destructor.




Explain single inheritance in short.


Write five file handling function used in C++



Write any five file handing function used in C++.


What are the státic data & static member function?


Write the difference between over-loading & over-riding.


Explain the concept of copy construction.


What are string in C++.


Name the storage class in C++


What is the scope resolution operation ?


What is the output of 5.0% 2 ?


Are the exceptions & error’s are same ?


Define tellg () & tellp ().


Define Virtual destructor.


Write the basic concepts of OOPS.



What do you mean by Object Oriented Programming ? Discuss main features of C++.



What is the concept of OOPS ? Explain their features.


Write the main features of OOP.


WAP in C++ to explain the concept of function over-loading


Explain function over-loading with example.



Write short notes on function over-loading.


What is the friend function in C++? Explain with example.


What is friend function? What are merits and demerits of friend functions ?



What is friend function ? What are its properties ?


Write short notes on inline function.


Write the difference between object oriented programming and procedural oriented programming language.


What is the difference between C & C++?


Explain different types of constructor used in C++ with example.


Explain constructor & destructor with suitable Example?





Define operator over-loading. What are the rules for over-loading operators?


Write short notes on Operator Over-loading.


What do you mean by operator over-loading ? Demonstrate a binary operator over-loading with suitable example.


Explain Unary Operator Over-loading?


Explain Binary Over-loading with example.


What is type casting?


Discuss the use of type casting.


Explain type conversion.


Explain string manipulation with the help of operator.





What is inheritance ? Explain the types of inheritance available in C++.


What is hierarchical inheritance?


What is the use of Inheritance ? Explain it.



What do you mean by inheritance ? Explain different types of inheritance with examples.


WAP in C++ for multi-level & multiple inheritance.


WAP to implement multiple inheritance.


WAP to create class called string & implement the following:

(1) String S1 = “Korba”

(2) String S2 = “C.G.”

(3) String S3 = S1+SS2


Explain hybrid inheritance.


What is virtual function?


What is the need of virtual function.


Explain virtual base class.


What is meant by abstract class?


Explain abstract class.


Explain virtual base class with example.




Explain Input/Output operations on files.


Explain file modes.


WAP in C++ for opening & closing a file.


Write short notes on File Handling in ‘C’ language.



What is the use of file handling in ‘C’ ?


Differentiate between Text file & Binary file:


Write a program in ‘C’ Language to create a squential data file [assume your own fields and data].


Write any file handing program of’C’ Language.


What is Pointer ?


What is pointer to object?


What is ‘this Pointer?


What do you mean by virtual function ? Explain with example.


What is virtual function?


Write about the pure virtual function.


What is pure virtual function ?


Create a file by using constructor.


Write a programm to work with multipl

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