PGDCA- PC Packages

Unit I

Q1. What is DOS describe their functions and versions(डॉस क्या है इसके फंक्शन एवं संस्करण को बताइए)।

Q2. What do you understand by dos commands differentiate between internal and external commands(डॉस कमांड से आप क्या समझते हैं इंटरनल एवं एक्सटर्नल डॉस कमांड में अंतर बताइए)।

Q3. What are the important internal dos commands explain in detail(Dos के प्रमुख इंटरनल कमांड्स कौन-कौन से हैं विस्तार पूर्वक समझाइए)।

Q4. Explain the booting process of MS DOS(MS-DOS मैं बूटिंग प्रक्रिया को समझाइए)

Q5. What is window? explain their origin features and different versions(विंडो क्या है? इसके उद्भव विशेषताएं एवं विभिन्न संस्करण को बताइए)।

Q6. Explain the multi user features of windows(विंडो के मल्टी यूजर विशेषता को बताइए)।

Q7. Explain various types of window accessories(विभिन्न प्रकार की विंडो एक्सेसरीज को समझाइए)

Unit II

Q1. How can you create the following in MS- world:
1. Flowchart 2. Chart 3. Table 4. Word document.
Q2. What do you understand by document formatting in MS- world. Explain by example.
Q3. Write a short note of header and footer.
Q4. Explain auto text and auto correct.
Q5. How we can create the following in MS -world:
 1. Word art
 2. hyperlink
3. watermark.
Q6.  Explain various features of Ms-World. where we can work with graphics and insert various clip- art?
Q7. Explain mail merge feature of MS -World with the help of example.
Q8. Write the difference between super script and subscript.
Q9. What is macro?  How we can create and run macro in MS- word.
Q10. What do you understand by world processing? Explain features and use of MS word.

Unit III

Q1. Describe the essential features and use of MS- Excel.
Q2. What is MS -Excel. Explain different method of data formatting in MS-Excel
Q3. What is MS Excel? Explain the following:
1. Workbook 2.Worksheet 3. Cell 4. Formula 5. Function.
 Q4. How many charts (graphs) are available in MS- Excel? Write the step for creating chart.
Q5.  Explain the following in MS- Excel:
1. header and footer
2. opening and printing workbook
3. using cell label
4. cascade and split
Q6. Explain the following features in MS-Excel with example:
1. sorting
2. summation
3. alignment
4. minimum cell finding.
Q7.  Write short on the following in MS-Excel:
1. sorting a database
2. filtering a database
3. pivot table
4. goal seek
Q8. Explain any five statisical and mathematical functions available in MS-Excel with the help of example.
Q9. What are the utilities macro in MS- Excel? Explain with example.
Q10.  Explain the following functions in MS- Excel .
1. text function
2. logical function
3. date and time function.

Unit IV

Q1. What is MS- PowerPoint. Discuss the advantages of PowerPoint and explain various type of slides.
Q2. Write a step of a presentation in MS PowerPoint. Give suitable example.
Q3. What do you mean by animated slide. Write the step to create it.
Q4.  Write short note on the following:
1. Working with table in PowerPoint
2. Creating a graph in PowerPoint
write the process of creating charts and graphs in PowerPoint slide.
Q5. Write the step for adding audio and video effect in PowerPoint.
 write the step to add graph, sound and movie in slide.
Q6. What is rehearse timing in PowerPoint. Write short note on animation slide and object.
 explain the process of creating animation object.
Q8. Write short notes on the following:
1. slideshow
2. slight translating
3. creating table
4. setting page layout.
Q9. Explain different slide view in PowerPoint.

Unit V

Q1.  What is accounting?  Write the utilities and advantages of accounting. Discuss the type of accounting.
Q2. Write the feature of tally.
Q3. Differentiate between single and double entry accounting.
Q4. Write a brief note on ledger and group in Telly.
Q5. Explain trial balance with the help of example.
Q6. What is company in Tally? Write the step for creating company in Tally. Give suitable example.
Q7. Write the step to solve the problem of best composition in Tally 9.
Q8.  Explain voucher entry and various type of voucher used in accounting.
Q9. What is payroll? How it is used in different field. Write the steps.
Q10.  What is Service Tax? Explain with example.
Q11.  Explain the method to solve a problem of service tax in Tally 9.
Q12. What is accounting master write the method to maintain the Excise Stock Register in Telly.
Q13. Write short note on different versions of Tally 9.
Q14. What is Fringe Benefit tax. Explain its feature with example.
Q15. What is text collected at sources? How fields are created in Tally.
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