BCA III Web Technology

Unit I
1.What is meant by web design? Explain web development strategies and web applications in brief.
Explain the following: 1. Domain Name Registration. 2. Uploading web pages.
What do you understand by web development strategies? Explain web application and web design in brief.
Explain the following:   a)   Web hosting and testing web site      b)      Domain Name Registration
What is meant by protocol? Describe the various types of network protocol in detail.
Explain the following:  A. Web application B. Uploading web pages
Unit II
What is HTML document? Explain the basic structure of HTML document with example.
Explain the following with example: a) Table Tag b) Check Box C) Radio d) Select Box
What is HTML? Discuss the role of form as well as Frames in HTML with proper example.
Explain the following with suitable example: a)    Ordered and unordered list b)   Link to different web pages and section.
What is meant by tags in HTML? Describe the basic fromatting tags of HTML with example.
Explain the following:  A. HTML from controls  B. Links using anchor tag
unit III
What is meant by cascading style sheets (CSS)? Explain the different types and important of CSS.
Explain the following:a)1. Variables of Java scriptb 2. Function in Java script
Describe the casading style sheets (CSS) with an example. Use the font attributes and Test attributes in the example.
  1. Describe the function object in Java script with an example. B. Describe all the ways of creating arrays in Java script.
What is java script? Explain looping in Java script with example.
Explain the following: a)       Creating stylesheet b)      Classes and pseudo classes
Unit IV
What is PHP? Describe the operators of PHP in detail.
Explain the following: a) PHP function b) Branching statement of PHP
What id PHP? Describe the string function of PHP in detail.
Explain the following: a)       PHP operator b)      HTTP GET and POST method
What is meant by PHP? Describe the advanced function of PHP in detail.
Explain the following: a)       Branching statements b)      Passing information between pages
Unit  V
What is My SQL? Explain the features and data types of My SQL in detail
Explain the following with example: a) Insertion and deletion of data using PHP b) Displaying data from My SQL in Web page
What is my SQL? Explain the features and any five SQL commands with suitable example.
Explain with example the program how to connect to a SQL server database from a PHP script.
What is meant by my SQL? Describe the all data types of my SQL in detail.
Explain the following:
  1. PHP functions for my SQL operations B. Displaying data form MySQL in webpage
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